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Khisho’s Sunday Inspiration – Reflection

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At Mdina Malawi Tournaments, I enjoy it when I eat at the same table with top chess players like Alfred Chimthere, Gerald Mphungu, Copper Eagle, Razorblade, Joseph Mwale, Chiletso Chipanga, Godwin Masauko etc. They are always orally replaying their moves. We call it public reflection.

One of the qualities of a top chess player is the ability to reflect. They can reset the whole position from a tournament game to analyse it days, months or even years after the tournament. They always want to find out how best they should have done it so that they better their game.

Just like in chess, reflection is also very important in one’s life. For sometime, you need to take a break to reflect on how you are doing in your life. Keep checking yourself if you are on track with your targets. Targets on your career, your finances, your relationship and more importantly your spiritual life.

Don’t be too used to being with the crowd. Withdraw to a solitary place to reflect on your life. Great people are good at reflecting on their lives. They are always looking for ways to improve.

In his mansion in Nigeria, one of the world’s richest Pastors, Nigerian Bishop David Oyedepo has got a room called “Thinking room” which he obviously uses for thinking. It shows how important thinking is in his life. No wonder the great success.

When the world’s richest man, Bill Gates was a small boy, he went missing. His mother looked for him all over the house, she couldn’t find him. Then she went to look for him in the basement where she found him. Bill Gates was angry. He told his mum, “Why did you come to disturb me, I’m thinking.” Reflection is an important facet of his life.

It is in the time of solitude that we grow. Censure yourself on honest scales. Be true to yourself. Check if you are on track. Check if you need to improve in some areas.

If you can afford, go for a holiday. Go to the lake. Go on a promenade. It will refresh you.

Reflection is an essential tool for our improvement.

Even Jesus Christ would go to a solitary place to pray.

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