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Khisho Sunday Inspiration: What philosophic statement are you standing on?

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Honestly, at the 2018 Batumi Olympiad, in Zambia vs Ukraine, when Zambian IM Andrew Kayonde was paired against Grandmaster Ivanchuk with a towering 2700 plus rating glittering to his name, I gave Kayonde a remote chance of plucking out something from the game.

But there he was, proving us wrong by holding the Super GM to a draw.

It just doesn’t happen. For one to achieve this kind of thing, one has to have a very strong philosophical statement he is standing on.

A statement that will make him overcome all fear and be at par with the opponent. For Kayonde it was revealed in the interview he had with Chessbase India.

He said “He is Ivanchuk, I’m AK 47!!”.

Harbouring simple statements like these in our hearts can make us achieve big. They give one courage and boost up one’s confidence, making one achieve things beyond his abilities.

Have you ever felt low in life, thinking that you cannot make it? Hold on to a philosophy that will push you ahead. God will always give you such if you ask him. If you think you are late to start up something, philosophies like “I may be late, but I’m not out” can inspire you to go further. Or you can say “If nobody has ever done it, I will be the first one to achieve this”.

Like when David was facing Goliath, as they conversed before the fight David’s philosophy is revealed.

He said “…. I am coming to you in the name of the God of heaven”(paraphrased).

John the Baptist says “I will never get something except that given to me by my father in heaven”.

Job later says “Only those things appointed to me by God shall happen to me”….thats how he was able to understand his calamity.

What philosophical statement are you standing on to ensure you succeed in your tough assignment? Somebody says “I may have been born poor, but I will die rich”.

Another says :”He may be a champion, but he has to prove to me”. Still another can say “He can be a Super Grandmaster, but I have also read enough endgame books”.

But the greatest inspirational words come from God through his Holy Spirit. When down or facing a big challenge, ask Him for inspiration.

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